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About J.A.Hyman (Titanics) Ltd

About J.A.Hyman (Titanics) Ltd

J.A.Hyman (Titanics) Ltd is now in its 4th generation, all stemming from Joseph Abraham Hyman who established the business in 1913, a year after the ill fated Titanic sank with the loss of over 1200 lives.

Joseph was one of the lucky ones! He had set out in April 1912 for America on the Titanic with the aim to set up a life there with his brother, once established, his wife and family were going to join him.

However the best laid plans were soon thrown into turmoil, when the un-sinkable ship hit that iceberg causing one of the worst disasters at sea. He was picked up by the Carpathia and shaken but alive managed to finish his journey and landed in America.

Unfortunately once there, his family were obviously scared to travel on a ship and Joseph was also more than a little cautious. So in 1913 his brother plied him with alcohol and while drunk, was placed on a ship back to England.

While Joseph was in America he saw the types of shop that had not been seen in England and when he arrived back he started a small delicatessen, modelled on what he saw, called J.A.Hyman ltd.

Word of his amazing escape spread and he became a local celebrity where people would point and say "Look it's the man from the Titanic". It didn't take long for the shop to be known as "Titanics" a name that is still used today by most of its customers.

Richard, Josephs' great grandson now runs the business and ensures that the family atmosphere created all those years ago continues to this day. The business is an active and integral part of the Manchester community, and aims to become an integral part of the United Kingdom